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Halong Bay

Hạ Long Bay is located in northeast Vietnam. It is best known for its emerald waters and towering limestone islands surrounded by rainforests. The region draws scuba divers, rock climbers and hikers. You can get there from Gia Lam (Hanoi) to Bai Chay (Ha Long) by bus, by train from Hanoi to Yen Vien (Gia Lam) and then to Quang Ninh or by seaplane from Noibai to Halong.


Avarage yerly temperatures are between 20C and 33C at day and 14C - 24C at night. August is the wettest month.

Quick facts

Time zone: Indochina time zone UTC +7 hours. The currency is Vietnamese dong. More info here.

Latitude: 20.72079532856197; Longitude: 107.04751968383789;



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