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Fraser Island, Queensland

Fraser island is an island on Queensland's Coast which is listed as World Herotage site. You can hike through rainforest, meet native wildlife, whale-watch and swim in freshwater lakes. You can take some of the 4WD tours and explore all the interesting sites on the island. Most famous fresh water lake is lake McKenzie with crystal clear (refreshingly cold) water and white sand beaches. Other lake you can visit is Lake Wabby, where you can chill by the lake or explore the sand dunes. You can drive along the Seventy-five mile long beach on the east side of the island and have opportunity to see wild dingos, migrating whales leaping out of the water and breath taking coastal scenery. Also you should visit the Champagne pools which are natural pools on the beach with clear water or visit Maheno wreck and see the old war ship.

Getting there:

Access to Fraser Island can be by vehicle barges, commercial tours or private boats. It is a short ferry ride from Hervey Bay to the island.


Queensland has warm weather with recorded average temperatures of 22C (71.6F) in winter and 29C (82.4F) in summer.

Quick facts

Currency: Australian dollar. More info here.

Latitude: -24.957535; Longitude: 153.31481;



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