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Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan. The park features blooming flowers around the year Hitachi Seaside Park is a public park in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan. The scenery is spectacular, so it is perfect for a picnic beside all sorts of plants, trees, & flowers. Depending on the season, you can find different flowers. You can rent a bike so you can explore the park. Also there is a theme park where kids can have fun, with ferris weal for a great view.

Getting there:

You can get here from Tokyo by direct bus from the bus terminal at Yaesu South Entrance of Tokyo Station or by train from Ueno to Katsuta Station in Ibaraki and take local bus that goes to the park. Also from the Narita airport there are busus to Katsuta Station, from where local buses can take you to the park.


Avarage yearly temperature in Hitachinaka is between 5 C and 25 C. There is a lot of rainfall there even in the driest months.

Quick facts

The currency in Japan is Japanese yen. More info here.

Latitude: 36.406028; Longitude: 140.599728;



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