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Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Horseshue bay is situated in the Bermuda island. It is best known for it's pink hued sand, clear blue water. A shuttle bus is available for transport to the beach and bus route #7 (that runs between the Dockyard and Hamilton City). If you find the main beach crowded, just walk a bit and you will find secluded coves that are hardly visited by tourists. You can take a diving tour and explore the underwater life on the reefs near the island or go on a deep sea fishing tour. Also you can play a round of golf and enjoy a breathe taking view from the golf course. Bisede Horseshue bay beach you can visit Church bay beach, which is a small quiet beach. It is famous snorkeling spot because of its cliffs and reefs. Another beautiful and secluded beach is West Whale Bay Beach, with soft sand and a great place to watch the sunset. The Hidden beach is a perfect romantic place with soft sand and calm water. Other beaches you should visit are: Butts beach, Peel rock cove, Angle beach etc.

Quick facts

Currency: Bermudian dollar. More info here.

Latitude: 32.251197579269395; Longitude: -64.82118129730225;



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