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El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is a part of the Philippine island Palawan. It's best known features are white sand beaches, coral reefs, clear water in the lagoons, diving sites, underwater cavern. You will not find any banks here, but you can change foreign currency at a couple of places. Credit cards are accepted only in a few places. One of the most beautiful beaches there is Nacpan beach, which is a secluded public beach, about 30-45 minutes away from El Nido town. It is a quiet long beach with white sand. The small lagoon is hidden along magnificent limestone mountains. It offers variety of activities: sun bathing in white sand beaches, snorkling, kayaking and swimming in the clear water. The big lagoon is a must see place in El Nido. It has cristal clear water and green cliffs coming up through the water. You can go to the Snake island (Vigan island) and explore the hidden beaches there, or you can walk up to the viewpoint and enjoy the view of the bay. Las Cabanas is another big and quiet beach with white sand, blue crystal water and palm trees. Also you can take one of the island hopping tours and visit the El Nido caves, coves and lagoons or take a diving tour and explore underwater life.

Getting there:

The island is best accessed through Puerto Princesa with any of Philippines major airlines.


November to May is a dry season, with temperatures above 30C.

Quick facts

Currency: peso. More info here

Latitude: 11.094187341315564; Longitude: 119.38430786132812;



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