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Baia do Sancho

Baia do Sancho beach is situated in a secluded bay on the island of Fernando de Noronha which is UNESCO protected archipelago. It is off the coast of Recife, Brazil and it is best accessed from Reclife or Natal by plane or by boat. It has a warm and clear water, clean beach with excellent sunset in the afternoon. You can reach it by sea or with stairs but the experience is totally worth it. If you like diving you can book a diving tour and explore many diving places, or you can book fishing trip. While there you can visit the Marine National Park which takes 2 thirds of the island. You can swim with turtles, dolphins and colorful fish or hire a dune buggy and explore all corners of the park. Beside this beach there are a lot of nice beaches near by. Some of the most popular are: Baia dos Porcos, Cacimba do Padre Beach, Conceicao Beach, Baia do Sueste, Leao Beach, Atalaia Beach, Baia do Sueste Beach, Boldro Beach, Praia do Cachorro etc.

Quick facts:

Currency: Brazilian Real.

Latitude: -3.854689; Longitude: -32.443696;



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